Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads: Do You Have To Choose?

If you’ve dabbled in the world of online advertising you probably know that Google AdWords and Facebook ads dominate the online advertising space. If you want to reach your target customers, then Google’s search network or Facebook’s news feeds are the places to be seen. Facebook currently has two billion monthly active users, while AdWords reaches billions of people every day.

Both of these networks deliver when it comes to getting results. So, when it comes to Facebook ads vs Google AdWords, is one platform better than the other? And which one is best for your business? Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss…how to make the right choice for your business.

Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads…two very different advertising platforms, with different benefits, and both are exceptional places to advertise your business. They’re both relatively inexpensive (depending on your industry), and each has billions of users with the ability to target diverse audiences. So is one better than the other? Obviously, the answer is dependent on your unique scenario. However if your end goal is is sales, leads, consultations, and the like — both platforms are great for that. If your objective is to generate brand awareness and/or social media traffic, Facebook would be your better choice.

If you want to get more leads, sales and conversions, both platforms can help you achieve these.

When it comes to Google AdWords vs. Facebook ads, you can use both!  It doesn’t have to be a competition or a choice.

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads have unique benefits for almost any type of business. Each platform has diverse targeting options and great ad placements that can help bring your business new customers. So we suggest to use them together so that each can rely on its own strength. You can build awareness and nurture leads on Facebook. Then, close the deal with AdWords when people start searching for solutions. It shouldn’t be an either/or question, as the answer is to use both at the same time. Clearly Digital can manage your Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords and all your digital marketing needs.