3D Laser Cutting

3D Laser Cutting

3D laser cutting is a great fabrication option for metal parts and sheets. 6 axis laser cutting across three dimensions allows the construction of very complex parts with automated precision and speed.

Laser cutting uses a highly intelligible beam of light fixated on your work piece, with power applied in such a way that the material either melts, burns, vaporizes away, or is blown away by a jet of gas. Advanced Cutting Technology’s 3D laser cutting allows for swift formation of complex parts with high production rates. A 3D laser can recognise all sides of an object or substrate (material which provides the surface for something to be inscribed or deposited), to make more complex shapes. To put it simply, our 3D laser cutting can allow you to work with a cube instead of flat material, therefore 3D laser cutting enables a host of innovations and solutions that would not otherwise be possible using 2D laser cutting and conventional methods.

At Advanced Cutting Technology, our 3D lasers can cut an extensive variety of features in tubes, passages, angles and beams. You can take advantage from the mixture of latest laser tube cutting machines, technology and skilled craftsmanship for a streamlined process that lowers costs, speeds up cycle times and increases design capabilities. Experience substantial savings in your own production of sawing, milling, drilling, punching or engraving for example; all of these costly processes are made redundant using 3D laser cutting technology. Advanced Cutting Technology ensures an extremely time-saving and precise operation and is an ideal fabrication option for metal parts and sheets. Our multi-axis laser cutting across three dimensions allows the production of multifaceted parts with automated precision, efficiency and pace.

3D Flexibility

The 3D flexibility of Advanced Cutting Technology’s laser tube cu

tting allows us to cut tubes that are a wide-ranging variety of shapes to suit your needs — not just the traditional round tubes, but square tubes, I-beams and much more. Our cutting applications are ideal for both large construction projects and smaller more intricate devices.

Advanced Cutting Technology will cut what other laser cutting companies can not. Our specialist 3D laser cutting technology is superior and highly advanced with six axis. The state of the art machinery functions in a 3D plane and is capable of Counter Sinking, Bevel Edge Cutting and Scalloping. Along with the ability to process all your pipe (round or square), we can even cut on and around all faces of pre-fabricated three dimensional objects. We’re able to work with materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel to produce tube shapes. We are able to cut according to the specifications in your IGES file format or design, with our technology capable of holding remarkably tight forbearances.

When your business relies on having a quality source of 3D and laser tube cutting, it pays to work with a full service provider. At Advanced Cutting Technology, we know the best solutions come from collaboration with our customers, and our experienced staff are available to you right at the beginning of your design process.

How this service works?

Our 6 axis laser performs 2D and 3D laser cutting of tubing, including rectangular, round and triangular. Give us a call or send us your initial design and we can assess it and the materials required to give you our technical advice to begin realising your concept.

Why use 3D laser Cutting?

The 6-axis head and simultaneously controlled rotary chuck means that precise angle cuts and advanced contours may be cut in a single operation. Accurately create your designs today!

Most Common Materials?

We cut materials such as aluminum, angle irons, I-Beams, channels, and sheet metal stamped parts to name a few. Give us a call and we can offer suggestions on how you might be able to use 3D laser cutting.

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